Dhanu Rashi – 2015 Predictions

You are going through saade-saati on Tamba paya (seven and half years of misfortune); despite toiling hard you will not receive favourable results. Guru graha is in the eight house and this will create hurdles in your life. In the second half of the year, Guru graha will transit to the ninth house and your health problems will ease out. Offering prayer to Guru Dev, Shani Dev and Surya Dev will help. You will remain spiritually inclined and this will help you sail through tough times. You may travel long-distance on a pilgrimage or on a business trip.


You are advised to maintain a disciplined life else a hospitalization is likely; however no major accidents or operations are in store. You should adhere to a healthy diet and maintain a good sleep routine; you are advised to quit injurious products like tobacco, alcohol etc. Practising yoga and following a daily exercise routine will help. In Jan up to end-Feb, you may experience ailments related to eyes, stomach and legs; your blood pressure may fluctuate. In Mar up to end-Apr, you may experience fatigue; you may experience mood swings and discomfort due to leg pain. Any sort of travel should be avoided if possible. In May up to end-Jun, you are prone to throat infection and your blood platelets may decrease. A few of you may experience reproductive system diseases; however the problem will be minor and curable. From mid-Jun up to end-Jul, gastric trouble, indigestion and constipation, eye related ailments and acidity will bother you. Remain alert as food poisoning is likely. In Aug up to Sep, leg pain is likely. You are advised to refrain from materialistic pleasures and opt for celibacy. In Nov up to end Dec, you can plan a health check-up or a planned minor surgery; this period is apt and you will experience relief.

Career, Wealth and Finance

Inward flow of finances is regular however expenses are rising and hence you may not be able to save big. You may see a rise in business; you may recover balance receivable; pending litigation (if any) will either gain momentum or come to a conclusive end. Your core nature of speaking truth will adversely affect relationships. The months of Jan and Feb are favourable for those who trade in stocks and diamonds. You may develop a new business opportunity/ contact and it’s likely that you lose an old business opportunity/ contact. The months of Mar and Apr are favourable for those who are salaried employee, those who invest in the stock market and those who run a partnership venture. You will be able to easily avail a bank loan if you wish to. In May up to end-Jun, you will work hard and will earn respect in the society; however you are advised to remain alert as there are fair chances that new opponents will create hurdles. You should not give a loan/ credit to a stranger. You will incur expenses towards renovating an immovable property or maintaining a vehicle (especially if you’ve purchased a pre-owned one). In Aug up to end-Sep, you should remain alert while travelling and investing in to high risk, high gain venture. Outside court settlement for any pending litigation will bring favourable results.

Personal and Professional Relationship

It will be hard to understand your spouse; he / she will remain preoccupied with friends. Your children will turn stubborn; you will have to take care of them. You will bond well with your beloved. Your mother will remain health and fit; a minor surgery in second half of the year is likely. Your farther will remain health and fit; it will be difficult to understand what’s running on his mind. Your older siblings will remain preoccupied in their lives and your younger siblings may not extend cooperation.