Dhanu Rashi – February 2013

This month is favorable if you wish to purchase expensive items like consumer electronics, vehicle, fine jewelry, expensive metals and stones etc. Supplementary income is likely; however you are advised to maintain distance from friends and keep a close watch on employees (domestic and at workplace). Your health will improve.

From Jan 28th to Feb 12th: Your fortune is shining. You may have to travel on short and long distance business trips. Either a friend or a customer could accompany you on one of these trips. Significant income either from incentive or commission or brokerage is likely. Overall you will feel blessed.

From Feb 14th to Feb 21st: You are advised to remain cautious and not engage in any speculative businesses / activities.

From Feb 21st to Feb 26th: You may crack a new business deal or benefit from a recent business travel or start a new project. Post this phase your fortune will start dimming.

From Feb 26th to Mar 03rd: Pace of your work may slowdown and gains may not be very attractive. Your employees (domestic and at workplace) may not extend cooperation and support.