Dhanu Rashi – January 2013

In the month, you will remain preoccupied with work and your friends will bond well with you. A few of you may benefit from overseas (or outside the city) trade and/ or transaction or you may be able to recover balance receivable. If the health of your spouse was a matter of concern in the recent past, you will now see signs of improvement. You will be able to take control of rising expenditure.

From Jan 04th to Jan 14th: You may see an inflow of supplementary income, however you may end up spending the same on leisure and entertainment. Your adversaries will keep you on your toes; however you will ensure that they do not succeed in their plots.

From Jan 14th to Jan 25th: The health of your children could be one of your greatest concerns in this period. You are advised to take good care of them. On the professional front, this is a good period; you will reap the way you sow.

From Jan 19th to Jan 28th: If you wish to start a new venture or a new project this is a favorable period. A few of you may earn significant money either from incentive or commission or brokerage.