Kanya Rashi – 2015 Predictions

Your small panoti (two and half years of misfortune) has come to an end and this will reflect positively in your lives. In the first half of the year, a few of you may tie a knot with someone; this will be a sudden event. In the second half of the year, a few of you may experience a roadblock in terms of all auspicious activities. You’ll turn spiritual in the course of the year and take up a pilgrimage. Rahu graha is ruling Chandra; this results in to change in temperament. A storm has filled your heart; you may remain upset and turn irritable and easily lose cool. However you will receive blessings of your ancestors.


No major accidents or operations are in store. You will not suffer from any major ailments; however you may remain disturbed mentally and emotionally throughout the year. In the month of Jan, you may experience fatigue, leg pain and stomach related ailments. Hormonal changes and blood related ailments are likely. In Feb up to end-Mar, doctors may diagnose hormonal changes and recommend an appropriate treatment. You are advised to remain optimistic. In Apr up to mid-May, you are advised to remain watchful; a minor accident is in store. Your blood pressure may fluctuate; you may experience fatigue. From mid-Jun up to mid-Jul, you may experience fluctuating blood pressure, breathing problem and ailments related to lungs. In the month of Aug, children and senior citizens will experience good health; they may plan a pilgrimage or on a leisure trip. From Sep up to mid-Oct, your health will remain fine; however from mid-Oct up to end-Nov minor health issues including throat infection, indigestion and fluctuating blood pressure will bother you. The month of Dec will be smooth in terms of your health.

Career, Wealth and Finance

Financially the year is stable; if you are trading diamonds, this year may prove beneficial to you. In the month of Jan, you may travel far and wide on business; if you remain alert and harness opportunities, your trips will be successful. You may incur expenses towards any personal or social cause; a few of you may incentivise your subordinates. Salaried professionals may relocate in this month; this will earn them respect and reputation. In Mar up to end-Apr, you are advised to stay away from any sort of controversy or argument. In the month of Apr, you may either inherit an ancestral property or you may purchase one. In the month of May, your government related tasks may pick momentum and advance swiftly. In May up to end-Jun, you may like to remain alert while indulging in to high risk, high return investments/ activities; your reputation and health both will be affected if any transaction goes wrong. In Jun up to end-Jul, you may liquidate investments made in the past, recover balance receivable and the inward flow of money may improve. In Aug up to end-Sep, you may plan an overseas trip. In Sep up to end-Oct, you may sort out a few quandaries related to business, career and government dealing. Overall these months are good as far as finance is concerned. In Nov up to end-Dec, you may incur expense towards any litigation.

Personal and Professional Relationship

Your spouse will maintain good health but may gain a few pounds; he/ she may have to undergo a minor surgery. Your children will respect you and happiness on account of children is in store. Your beloved may not remain transparent. Your mother’s mind will be filled with pessimism and that may bother her. Your father may experience a decline in business; however he will well maintain social, political and financial status. Your younger siblings may experience health problems and it’s likely that this reflects in their behaviour adversely. Your older siblings may see a weakening fortune and turn religious.