Kanya Rashi – February 2013

A few of you may be experiencing lack of love and support of spouse (partner), children, younger siblings, friends and employees (domestic & at workplace); however you have been moving on. A few of you are focused on your work and a few of you have chosen to bond well with one of your loved ones and spend good time together.

From Feb 02nd to Feb 12th: Your workload may be at its peak; you are advised to take care of your health and not overexert.  Overall this is a rewarding period as far as finances are concerned; you will reap the way you sow.

From Feb 14th to Feb 21st: A few of you may experience difference of opinion and / or arguments with younger siblings. You may earn well in the form of incentive and / or commission and / or brokerage. Your overseas (or outside the city) business activities may slow down.

From Feb 21st to Feb 28th: Your adversaries may act nasty and even succeed in creating hurdles for you. This may show in the form of loss in business and / or loss of reputation. A few of you may have to take care of your spouse (partner) as his/ her health may remain fragile.

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  1. Myheart

    Things are not the same in love and health. I want to be happy in love again with my cuerrnt partner, and I want to get back healthy. I have no motivation and faith anymore since my partner cheated and still maybe doing the same thing. Please tell me if its meant to be?, is he still in love with me?, does he still want to be with me?. Will he start caring and being faithfull and loyal again?. Will I ever get healthy again? and be happy with myself? should I keep fighting for our love? I don’t want to let him go but if I should than how can I do it? (sign) its sooooo much goin on with my life .

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