Kanya Rashi – January 2013

Those of you who were suffering from angina pain in the recent past will feel better now. Your past karmas and good fortune will ensure that your finances are stable. A few of you may earn money in cash and this could also lead to a legal / government query; you are advised to well maintain your account books!  Your family members have been extending their best cooperation and will continue doing so this month. In case any individual in Kanya rashi has purchased an immovable property from Nov 14th to Dec 23rd 2012, then there are high chances that the place has some negative energies; purification of the same can be done in this month. If any individual in Kanya rashi has recently gone through an eye surgery (from Dec 23rd to Jan 01st 2013) then it is likely that there is up to 30% loss in his/ her vision. This can be handled by doing upasana (worship) of Surya Dev.

From Jan 04th to Jan 15th: Your finances are steady and perhaps a little more than what you may have expected; however your expenses may rise but you will definitely manage net saving. At the same time your spouse (partner) will do well with his/ her finances and will remain focused on work.

From Jan 14th to Feb 12th: If you wish to invest in any speculative businesses and / or investments you should do so with the intention of going long-term and this will prove to be beneficial. Your fortune is favoring you and you can make new purchase of vehicle and / or jewelry and / or precious metals and stones.

From Jan 15th to Jan 30th: You are advised to alert your father and children; in case their birth stars are not supporting them now, they are destined to lose in speculative investments and / or businesses.

From Jan 18th to Jan 25th: You are advised to stay away from all short-term speculative businesses and / or investment. You are either destined to lose or be forced to go long-term.