Kark Rashi – 2015 Prediction

In the current year, Shani graha will occupy the fifth house; this house is related to family (especially kids) and wealth. Overall you will remain active and energetic throughout the year. Your mind will be filled with too many thoughts; this may affect your social life. A few of you will experience that guests are frequently visiting you. In the month of Mar, it’s likely that one of your planned travels gets cancelled. You are out of the phase of small panoti (two and half year of misfortune) and this will positively reflect in your lives. The year is auspicious for starting a new academic initiative.


No major operations or accidents are in store. Gastric trouble, pain in leg and fatigue will bother you. You are advised not to burden yourself with many tasks. Those suffering from kidney stones will experience relief. Keep a check on all organs that are part of the digestive system. From mid-Jan up to mid-Feb, it’s likely that you will suffer from indigestion and acidity; you are likely to experience mood swings too. From mid-Feb up to mid-Mar, you are advised to postpone travel (if any); muscle pain and pain in joints and bones is likely. From mid-Mar up to mid-Apr, those who are suffering from fluctuating blood pressure and sugar are advised to remain watchful. In the second half of May, you may experience throat infection. In the second half of Jul, you may experience breathing problem and ailments related to lungs. In Aug, you may experience excessive body heat in form of heat boils and fever. In Sep up to end-Oct, indigestion and acidity will bother you. From mid-Oct up to mid-Nov, ailments related to eyes are likely.

Career, Wealth and Finance

Financially the year is stable but expenses are also in store; on the positive side, you’ll manage without opting for a loan. An expense towards a pending litigation and/ or short trips and/ or renovation of an immovable property is likely. In case you have any pending litigation, it’s likely that the case will reach a conclusive end. You may gain in investments that offer high risk, high returns; you are advised to take care while executing transactions. You may inherit an ancestral property and / or purchase a new immovable property. From mid-Jan up to mid-Feb, you will benefit in a partnership business. Your workload will increase. From mid-Mar up to mid-Apr, you may benefit from exports & imports and stock market. Expenses towards children and subordinates may increase. From mid-May up to mid-Jun you may recover balance receivable and come across new business opportunities. Socio-political benefits may come along with stress and big responsibilities. You are advised to remain alert and not invite unwarranted trouble. From mid-Jul up to mid-Aug, your reputation and respect will increase. You are advised not to make unrealistic commitments related to money and business. From mid-Aug up to end of the year, it’s a good phase as far as career and wealth is concerned.

Personal and Professional Relationship

Your spouse will remain preoccupied in his/ her life. Your children may call for special attention. Your mother’s mind may be filled with negative thoughts; she should avoid selling any immovable property. Your father will experience fragile health. Your older siblings may be experiencing stress in marital life and you are advised not to place trust in your younger siblings. Your beloved may turn aggressive in the course of the year and you may decide to separate.