Kark Rashi – January 2013

In the recent past a few of you may have recovered bad debts or collected balance receivables that were long due. You are advised not to invest / reinvest the same in any speculative investment/ activity. Also, you should not spend the money on your dear ones.  A few of you are experiencing restlessness; a few of you may see their dear ones leaving them and moving on with their lives.

From Jan 4th to Jan 14th: You are advised to stay away from all speculative activities/ investments. You are not very fortunate and are destined to lose. In the same period you may remain disturbed due to the changed behavior of your spouse (partner) and children.

From Jan 04th to Jan 28th: You are advised not to enter any new friendship or bond. As a matter of fact it may work in your best interest to keep distance from friends.

From Jan 14th up to end of the academic year:  You are advised to remain alert as far as the education of your children is concerned. It is likely that they earn a negative record.

From Jan 14th to Jan 25th: This is a good period where most of your tasks/ activities will see smooth execution and / or completion.  Also, you can invest in speculative activities / businesses now; however you are advised to make prudent decisions. You may like to socialize and network more and keep yourself occupied. In this period you may not receive best support and cooperation from employees (domestic and at workplace).

From Jan 14th to Jan 25th: You may like to remain watchful as far as the health of your spouse (partner) is concerned.

From Jan 15th to Jan 28th: You may be honored due to any overseas association and / or venture and / or project and / or activity.