Kumbh Rashi – 2015 Predictions

Rahu graha is in the eight house; this will create hurdles in your life. You are advised to pray to Mangal Dev, Shani Dev and Rahu Dev. While communicating with people, you are advised to use words generously so that you are able to express yourself well; you are advised not to assume that people may have understood what you meant. Your aspirations will be high and you will accept multiple tasks and assignments. You will remain spiritually inclined.


No major accidents and operations are in store. You will experience fatigue; this is due to the fact that you have overloaded yourself with work. You may experience heaviness on the heart. In Jan up to end-Feb, you may suffer due to kidney stone. Your blood pressure may fluctuate. A few of you may experience reproductive system diseases; a few of you may have to treat minor cracks developed in your bones. In Mar up to end-Apr, you are advised to postpone eye surgery; it’s likely that you may experience up to 15% loss in vision. You may suffer from throat infection; however the recovery will be quick. In the month of May, you will suffer either from asthma or ailments related to lungs or ailments related to stomach. In Jun up to end-Jul, you may suffer due to constipation, fluctuating blood pressure; a few women may suffer due to gynaecological problems. In the month of Aug, you may experience fluctuating blood pressure and ailments related to lungs. In Aug up to end-Sep, you may experience mood swings. In the month of Oct you may suffer due to ailments related to stomach. In Nov up to end-Dec, those suffering from asthma may have a tough time.

Career, Wealth and Finance

The year is not great as far as finances are concerned. Due to indiscipline in language you may land in to trouble; this includes creation of roadblocks in cash flow. You are advised not to enter in to arguments at your workplace; you are advised not to amplify any difference of opinion with your business partners. It would be good if you could control the operational expenditure that you incur while running your business. Pending litigations (if any) may prolong and this will take away peace of mind. In Jan up to end-Feb, you may be able to set up a new venture; you may receive political favours but you should take care that you do not put your reputation at stake. You may be able to buy and / or sell an immovable property. At your workplace, you are advised not to overload yourself with too many responsibilities. You may have to connect with people outside the city or overseas. In Mar up to end-Apr, your expenditure may increase; your fortune is weakening; you are advised not to enter in to high-risk, high-gain activities/ investments. In the month of May your pending litigation (if any) will gain momentum. In Jun up to end-Jul, you may come across promising business associates/ prepositions; you are advised to double check that the opportunity that has come along is genuine. In the month of Aug you will be able to crack a few new ideas and/ or business deals; this period is favourable for salaried professionals too. In Sep up to end-Oct, you will receive support of family, friends and business associates. In Nov up to end-Dec, you may earn by investing in to stock market; your travel expense may shoot up; those engaged in to exports and imports will see good results.

Personal and Professional Relationship

Your spouse may hide a few facts; his/ her mind will not remain at ease. Your children may turn aggressive; they may run by a minor accident and hence you need to take care. Planetary position indicates that you may like to place faith in your beloved; their words and actions will not match. Your mother’s health may remain fragile; her mind will be filled with multiple thoughts. You may have to take good care of your father; his health may deteriorate this year. Your older siblings may be facing a cash crunch; fortune of your younger siblings will shine.