Kumbh Rashi – February 2013

You will be attracted towards businesses and / or investments that are speculative in nature. You will be inclined to take higher risks for better gains. You are fortunate and most of you will gain; however you are advised to make prudent decisions as your birth planets also play a big role! A few of you may earn in the form of incentives or commission or brokerage. A few of you may feel stressed due to work overload.

From Feb 02nd to Feb 14th: Your health will remain fragile. Your fortune will keep blessing you with wealth from primary and secondary sources of income.

From Feb 14th to Feb 28th: Your younger siblings may not cooperate and support you; this will lead to frustration and also affect your work. The health of your spouse (partner) will remain fragile. However your fortune will keep blessing you with good finances. Difficulties may spur up but you will be able to take control.