Kumbh Rashi – January 2013

Overall this will prove to be a good month. Peace and happiness is all around; a few of you may travel far and wide; a few of you will turn pious and also respect other faiths. You will notice that minor problems that you were facing in your workplace are receding. You may benefit by overseas (or outside the city) trade/ transaction; your dealing may happen by making use of advance communication devices like Internet and mobile.  In case any of you have invested in an immovable property in the recent past (before Dec 23, 2012) then it is likely that in the long run you may have to make a net loss of about 20%. You are advised to reexamine the proposal and consult an expert; planets indicate that you will be able to liquidate now and stop the loss that is likely to surface in the future.

From Jan 04th to Jan 24th: Your friends will bond well and extend love and cooperation. The health of your spouse (partner) and children will remain a matter of concern.

From Jan 25th to Jan 31st: You may plan a travel; this could be a social trip or a pilgrimage. In case you buy an expensive item like home décor, consumer electronics, vehicle, fine jewelry etc. you will be able to use it well and also it will magnify your good fortune.