Makar Rashi – 2015 Predictions

Makar Rashi will witness a trikaun yog (triangle) of Shani graha and Mangal graha; this results in to Dhan labh for the natives. To maximize the benefits, you are advised to indulge in to spiritual and religious activities during the Gurupushyamrut yog. You may further like to brighten your fortune by offering prayers to Mahalaxmi Devi and Rahu Dev throughout the year.


No major accidents and operations are in store. However your mind will be filled with multiple thoughts; you are advised to remain optimistic. In Jan up to end-Feb, a few of you may suffer due to reproductive system diseases; headache, leg pain and viral infection may bother a few of you. From mid-Feb up to mid-Mar, ailments related to eyes and bones, food poisoning, gastric trouble and throat infection will bother you. In Apr up to end-Jun, your body heat may increase; you may suffer due to throat infection and your blood pressure may fluctuate. In Jul up to end-Aug, you should remain watchful against fever and jaundice. Those who have asthmatic history (self and / or family) should remain alert and avoid travel. Those who are suffering from blood pressure fluctuation are advised to adhere to a healthy diet and take timely medication. In Oct up to end-Dec, minor problems including acidity, gastric trouble and constipation will bother you.

Career, Wealth and Finance

The year is favourable; you will reap the way you sow; you are advised to get rid of lethargy and focus on your goals. Those in to exports and imports and/ or dealing in stocks are likely to benefit. You will receive pending balance recoverable. Those in to partnership ventures will do well on the financial front. You are advised to remain calm. In the month of Jan, salaried professionals will be able to solve quandaries that were haunting them. Those who are running a business venture are advised not to give credit/ loan to a stranger. In Feb up to mid-Mar, you may see fluctuation in business; you are advised to remain calm and not hurt your superiors and subordinates. You are also advised not to take inputs from friends while making decisions. In Feb up to end-Mar you will be able to take new activities and assignments. Pending litigations (if any) will gain momentum and come to a conclusive end. In Mar up to end-Apr, you may earn money in form of an incentive/ commission. In May up to end-Jun, you may earn money from any immovable property. Your expenses at home may increase. A job change is likely. In Jun up to end-Jul, those dealing in stocks may earn additional income. You may inherit an ancestral property. In Jul up to end-Aug, business meetings will prove beneficial. You may travel outside the city or overseas on business. In Sep up to end-Oct, you are advised to be careful while taking new decisions related to business. In Nov up to end-Dec, you may relocate your office; those who wish to purchase precious metals and/ or are dealing in the stock market should remain alert while transacting.

Personal and Professional Relationship

The fortune of your spouse will shine; he/ she may turn a bit insensitive while dealing with you. Your children may turn mischievous. Your beloved may not trust you the way he/ she used to earlier; also, he/ she may demand more favours. Your mother will maintain good health; however she may turn insomniac. Your father’s income will remain smooth and he will remain preoccupied with work. It will be difficult to understand your older siblings; your younger siblings will behave differently.