Makar Rashi – February 2013

You will be attracted towards businesses and / or investments that are speculative in nature; this trend will continue till the end of May 2013. You will be inclined to take higher risks for better gains. You are fortunate and most of you will gain; however you are advised to make prudent decisions as your birth planets also play a big role! A few of you may earn in the form of incentives or commission or brokerage. You will spend time in leisure and entertainment. Most of you will witness increase in expenditure and minimal net saving. You may have a difference of opinion with your children, yet you will bond well with them.

From Jan 28th to Mar 17th: You may get attracted to someone and this could lead to a long-term relationship. You may be happy, yet anxiety will haunt you.

From Feb 02nd to Feb 09th: Your employees (domestic and at workplace) may have unreasonable financial expectation; some of you may even see them playing foul.

From Feb 09th to Feb 14th: You may pick up an argument with someone and hence you are advised to avoid debatable discussions.

From Feb 14th to Feb 21st: Flow of supplementary income will slowdown. Your friends will not bond and cooperate the way they did earlier.

From Feb 21st to Feb 26th: Your fortune will shine. You will get returns for all efforts. You will be able to engage in leisure and entertainment. A few of you may earn from businesses and / or investments that are speculative in nature.

From Feb 26th to Feb 28th: Your fortune is now dimming; your children may demand more pocket money.