Makar Rashi

Individuals in Makar rashi are a combination of two personalities. They are like a deer – innocent in their appearance and like a crocodile – stubborn by nature. What they are, they don’t appear! Their body is strong and rugged, but to outsiders they may seem to be weak and fragile. If these individuals are your friends they will shower you with everything, however if they are your enemies, God alone can save you. Most of them are not able to express their love and feelings. Many individuals in this rashi are blessed with an art of reading people’s mind; they can easily get a secret out of you. They are usually very peaceful, composed and hard-working. They have an unmatched ability to digest people’s secrets and they can withstand the turbulent times very well.

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  1. Sonny

    It’s True, in general to not lucanh anything major, or sign contracts during a Mercury Retrograde. The above Green days on August 5 and August 6 still have enough foundation, that I decided to make them Green days. The Moon is in Jupiter’s glance in a benefic sign, Libra.The calendar is hand made and the Green days are hand chosen by me, no computers have pre selected anything. So, in my opinion, August 5 6 will be a nice day for a majority of the people, despite Mercury retrograde like experiences.

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