Meen Rashi – 2015 Predictions

Your small panoti (two and half years of misfortune) has recently come to an end. You may be feeing better after all these months of hardship; however you will have to continue working hard. You may expect delay but finally you will be blessed with favourable results; you are advised to remain patient and keep doing your karma. In the second half of the year, Guru graha will transit in to the sixth house; this signals that you need to take utmost care of your health. Medical expense and related stress are in store. You may see a rough and tough patch in your job and / or business; you will be able to manage the situation but that demands tolerance. Rahu graha is in the seventh house and has turned unfavourable; you are likely to see tough times while travelling and carrying out business transactions. Pending litigation (if any) will get more complicated.


No major accidents are in store; however if your birth planets are weak, an operation is in store. For those in the age group of 36 – 42 years, hormonal changes are like. It’s likely that you may turn irritable and you may not be implement activities as per your plans. In the month of Jan a few of you may have to undergo a surgery to remove kidney stones; a few of you may have to undergo a surgery on the leg. In the month of Feb, bones and legs related ailments may bother you; you may experience fluctuation in blood pressure; you may experience breathing problem. In the month of Mar, you may suffer due to food poisoning and / or fever. In the month of Apr, you may experience fluctuating blood pressure and ailments related to eyes. In the month of May, you may be detected with impurities in blood and / or chest congestion. In the month of Jun, skin related ailments and throat infection are likely. In Jun up to end-Jul, lung related ailments are likely; a few may suffer due to stomach related ailments. In Sep up to end-Dec, minor health issues will bother you; this will cause discomfort.

Career, Wealth and Finance

The year will ensure you work hard to earn your bread. You may be able to sell an immovable property. You are advised not to amplify any difference of opinion with seniors at workplace and elders at home. If you have started a business venture recently, you will see moderate success. In the month of Jan, your pending litigation (if any) will gain momentum; those engaged in exports and imports will see a positive phase. You may run by a stroke of good luck this month; however this goodie comes with a price tag – increase in expenditure. Your travel expense may shoot up. In the month of Feb, you will come on terms with your business partner (if any misunderstanding prevailed in the past). In the month of Mar, you may be mislead by someone; you may end up making a loss in stock market or commit a mistake at your workplace or place blind faith in a stranger. You are advised to remain careful. In the month of Apr, you may be successful in gaining mass attention. In the month of May you will gain success while on business travel. This is a good phase for business, litigation and several other work areas. In Jun up to end-Jul, avoid investing in the stock market; you are destined to lose. In Jul up to end-Aug you may see a change – this could be a job change or role change or relocation and so on. In Sep up to end-Oct, you may benefit due to partnership. An ancestral property in question may get transferred on to your name. You are advised to avoid any sort of travel. In Nov up to end-Dec, you may have to take additional responsibilities. Once again, you are advised to avoid any sort of travel.

Personal and Professional Relationship

Your spouse may remain preoccupied in their lives. You’ll shower love on your children; you are advised to double check that they don’t take any form of risks in life. Planetary position indicates that your beloved may turn egoistic; however you will surrender to all his/ her wishes. Your mother will shower love. Your father may turn suspicious and his expenses may shoot up. Your older siblings may not express their true thoughts/ feeling; health of your younger siblings will remain fragile.