Meen Rashi – January 2013

You may run by sudden events that may be unpleasant and you are advised to face the situation by putting up a brave front. Many of you will feel that physically you are too stressed. Your spouse (partner) and other family members will support and cooperate with you. Your employees and subordinates will extend support (though half-heartedly). Those suffering from gynecological problems and/ or ailments related to the kidney are advised to take care of their health.

From Jan 04th to Jan 12th: Your younger siblings will support you.  Your finances will remain steady and you will be blessed with good results at your workplace (in direct proportion to your efforts).

From Jan 12th to Jan 25th: You may either benefit from a high-risk, high-gain investment/ activity or earn in form of an incentive or commission or brokerage. However you need the support of your birth stars to realize this.

From Jan 25th to Jan 31st: Your father’s health could suddenly turn fragile. Medical expenses or expense on an auspicious event in the family is likely. You will bond well with your spouse (partner) and spend time on leisure and entertainment together. You may clear a past debt or a personal loan in this period.