Mesh Rashi – 2015 Prediction

Several opportunities will present themselves along your way and you will feel energized to harness them. However, you are advised to maintain patience, tolerance and take cautious decisions to avoid any regrets. Four planets – Surya, Budh, Shukra & Shani will be in the eight house; this may create hurdles in your life. You are advised to maintain discipline while communicating with people. The slightest impoliteness in your language is likely to create deep dents in your personal and professional relationships. You may see a decline in the number of friends. The fortune of your children is likely to weaken. You are likely to incur expenses on account of some family responsibility or towards a religious / spiritual cause. Several short trips for business and leisure are likely. Long travel is likely in the second half of the year. You are advised to be careful that you do not miss your flight or train or run by a situation where you are forced to cancel your tickets. Mid-Jun to mid-Jul is an auspicious phase and you are likely to witness some good events in life.


Rahu and Mangal together may invite minor and unwarranted health issues; however no major operation is foreseen. From mid-Jan up to mid-Feb you are advised to maintain a stress-free routine and not burden yourself with too many responsibilities. People who are suffering from heart and kidney related ailments are advised to take care of themselves. In Feb up to end-Mar, you are advised to remain alert; waterborne diseases and related infections are likely. In Jun up to end-Jul you are advised to remain alert; there is a probability of an accident. In Aug up to end-Sep, there is a probability of asthma attack and / or cough and chest congestion. In Oct up to end-Nov you are likely to suffer due to food poisoning or due to a side-effect caused by any medicine.

Career, Wealth and Finance

When it comes to finance and career, the year shall turn to be an average one. Stars show no signs of major increment or a job change. Your friends are likely to withdraw support however your opponents will be unable to trouble you and you will stand strong. Good year for partnership venture; money will keep flowing, however your business partner may take control of business operations and wealth. You are going through a small panoti ( two and half years of misfortune) and this period will be marked with tension; you are advised to stay away from all speculative activities/ investments. In Jan up to end-Feb, you are likely to be victimised at workplace due to a false allegation. You are advised to remain calm and patient to avoid the job-loss indicated by the stars. In Apr, your self-confidence will grow and you will be presented with opportunities to earn wealth. During this period, completely trusting your subordinates may go against you as they are likely to betray you. In May up to end-Jun, a government enquiry is likely. You are advised to maintain discipline on language. In Nov up to end-Dec, you may end up in to an argument with a friend or a subordinate or a family member over any financial dealing. You may be able to renovate your immovable property; however selling of property may be tough. Also, stars indicate that new property-purchase or renting out exiting property may be unlikely. You may purchase expensive vehicle and / or expensive consumer durables.

If you happen to purchase gold, you may suffer a loss if you do not take every measure to ensure that you are getting the right bang for your bucks.

Personal and Professional Relationship

Those in marriageable age may find a suitable partner. You must guard your personal finances even from your beloved during this year. Stars indicate that your beloved is likely to lie and have interest in your money. You are advised to guard your spouse’s emotional health. Don’t be disheartened if your marital life is a bit rocky; just be careful that this does not lead to a separation. Your children are likely become harder to control. Your mother’s health may remain fragile; her interest in spirituality is likely to increase. Your father will remain preoccupied with work; he’s likely to pick up a new religion or follow a new faith. Your older siblings will take care of you; it will be difficult to understand your younger siblings.