Mesh Rashi – February 2013

From Feb 02nd to Apr 09th: You will be approached by an adversary; he / she will be disguised as a friend.

From Feb 14th to Feb 24th: You are advised to take good care of your health & also remain alert against dark & evil elements. However in this period, you will see a stable inward flow of cash.

From Feb 16th to Feb 20th: You may end up debating and / or arguing with friends; be careful.

From Feb 20th to Feb 22nd: You are advised to take utmost care & not engage in any speculative activities / businesses. You are destined to lose in this period.

From Feb 21st to Feb 26th: You will turn aspirational, engage in leisure & entertainment; you will feel the need to love someone or be loved by someone.

From Feb 26th to Mar 03rd: You may experience leg and / or knee related pain / trouble.