Mesh Rashi – January 2013

From Jan 01st to Mar 04th: Your children will remain in pink health, however post this period they may report health issues.

From Jan 04th to May 31st: Inflow of cash may be disappointing however your luck & past karmas will ensure that you do not get in to difficult situations.

From Jan 05th to Jan 28th: Your younger siblings may not support & respect you the way they did earlier.

From Jan 13th to Jan 25th: Avoid purchasing any immovable property. It is likely that you will purchase a property that brings misfortune & trouble.

From Jan 14th to Jan 18th: Any act that is considered incorrect (socially & morally) should be avoided. If you indulge in any ill-activity, you & your entire family could land in to troubled water.

From Jan 14th to May 31st: You will have to remain alert against dark & evil elements. Also you may not share a good rapport with your spouse (partner) and / or business partners.

From Jan 23rd to Jan 31st: Your desires will grow ambitious & you may get tempted to engage in speculative activities / businesses. You are advised to be cautious & double check your risk taking appetite.

From Jan 25th to Mar 17th: You may re-connect with an old friend and / or make new connection & gain monetary benefit from a new business and / or activity. Any project / activity taken during this time will turn to be a success but one should take care as to not cross the fine line between being ambitious & greedy. Any overseas (or outside the city) balance receivable can be recovered now. You can also invest in vehicles & precious metals & stones in this period.