Mithun Rashi – 2015 Prediction

Rahu graha is in the fourth house; this will weaken your fortune. This includes – heart related ailments, breast cancer (in women) and difference of opinion with family members. Sometimes, your effort to skilfully handle situations by being cordial with family members may prove futile or may even backfire. During this year you are advised to remain alert; an accident is likely. This year, you may get opportunities to get public visibility and applauded in your social and professional life. Your friends may appear intrusive but at the same time they will extend best support; you are advised to stay away from arguments in the month of Apr. You will remain spiritually inclined.


From Jan up to end-Mar, minor ailments may bother you. From May up to end-Jun, you are advised to watch out for viral infection, malaria and jaundice. Your blood pressure may also fluctuate and you may face breathing problem. You may like to take early precaution to avoid possibility of a hospitalization. In the second half of the year, your health will be fine.

Career, Wealth and Finance

Financially this year will be sound. A few of you may liquidate or recover investments made in the past. In the beginning of the year you may benefit due to tie-ups outside the city or overseas. Your opponents will not be successful in creating any hurdles in your life. Your subordinates may not extend best support in the first half of the year. You may witness a reduction in work; however, an inward flow of money will remain encouraging. Those who are expecting a promotion or looking for a job change will be able to do so in the first half of the year. In Mar up to end-Jul, those who wish to start a new venture will be able to do so! In the month of Jul you may work virtually using voice and Internet technology. In Aug up to end-Sep inward flow of money will meet your expectations. In the month of Sep you may have to travel extensively for work; you may benefit in any incentive/ commission oriented dealing. In Oct, you may plan a long-term investment. You will be able to buy and/ or sell an immovable property this year. You may purchase expensive consumer durables, jewellery, a two wheeler and /or a four wheeler.

Personal and Professional Relationship

Those who are single and looking may find a suitable partner. Those married may extend the family; however you are advised to remain careful all nine months. Those in love may cherish beautiful moments with their beloved; however it’s likely that your relationship surfaces and your secret may no longer remain a secret. The health of your spouse may remain fragile and this will reflect in his/ her behaviour. He/ she may lack support of the family and the year may prove to be a financially challenging one. Your children may invite unwarranted trouble; their health and education will remain weak; their friends may not extend support to them. Your mother will shower her love up on you; her health will remain fine; however you may not be able to read what’s going in her mind. Your father’s health may remain fragile and he will shower his love up on all his children. Your younger siblings may be going through a rough phase; they may hide a few incidences and turn a bit lethargic. Your older siblings will experience a healthy and a blissful year.