Mithun Rashi – February 2013

From Feb 01st your fragile health will get better and you will start experiencing renewed energy.

From Feb 01st to Feb 28th: Your income from secondary sources, especially speculative investments / businesses will shrink.

From Feb 03rd to Mar 14th: Your children will remain focused on their education. Your father’s health graph may fluctuate. You are advised to maintain your self-confidence high and this will help you tremendously. You may plan short-distance travel during this period.

From Feb 04th to Feb 21st: You will turn fortunate. Your adversaries will start supporting you however you may not receive support of your friends.  You may take up spiritual activities and you may earn money from secondary sources like incentives and brokerage.  Overall you will feel blessed.

From Feb 21st to Mar 04th: If you purchase any precious metals and / or stone you will benefit in the longer run. This period is also favorable to buy other expensive electronics and home décor.