Mithun Rashi – January 2013

It is likely that you recently liquidated or will liquidate some of the stocks that you had purchased long time back; also your work will pick momentum. Planets indicate that you may get in to an argument with your spouse (partner) and / or an adversary; you are advised to avoid the same else you will lose respect of your family members and the society at large. Deities who have been protecting your ancestors and are committed to protect the future generation will shower their blessings on you. You may be approached by a person of opposite gender and you may get attracted to him / her. However you are advised to remain alert; it is likely that the intentions of this person may not be genuine.

From Jan 01st to Jan 31st: You may incur more expenditure while your earnings  may be less.  It is likely that you will have to spend on gifting a friend or a family member.

From Jan 04th to Jan 14th: You are advised to maintain strong rapport and understanding with your spouse (partner); this will promise you happiness and also the extended family will appreciate your cooperation.

From Jan 04th to Jan 14th: Your children may suffer due to viral infection or a minor health problem. Your younger siblings will do well in their education.

From Jan 14th to Jan 31st: For men in Mithun  rashi, you will maintain good health. For women in Mithun rashi, it is likely that you see signs of infection in the private parts of your body. For all those who are 55+ years, you should keep a check on your blood pressure and you may experience knee pain.

From Jan 15th to Feb 02nd: You are advised not to buy or sell an immovable property; the period is not too favorable for you.

From Jan 25th to Jan 28th: Your friends, spouse and employees will cooperate with you.