Embrace Separation; Avoid Divorce

Recently, a couple consulted Ashaben Shah over their growing difference in opinion and inability to handle everyday domestic tension. The duo had headed for a divorce but up on recommendation of a close friend, they decided to meet Ashaben. Ashaben studied their horoscope and advised them to keep calm as the turbulent times was not there to stay.

Ashaben mentioned that their stars wanted them to separate and as responsible parents of two kids they should not succumb easily. She mentioned that after a period of seven years their relationship would gradually turn cordial. She suggested that the lady had fair chances of going abroad and this could be a good opportunity for both to stay away from each other for few years and come back together when the bad time is gone. The lady agreed that there was an opportunity for her to relocate to Australia and assume a larger role within her business division. Ashaben encouraged her to take the offer and move out of India.

The couple gave a thought to the conversation they had with Ashaben. They made necessary arrangement for kids at a resident school in Bangalore; the man continued living in Mumbai and the lady moved to Australia. The family lived in three different locations. As predicted bt Ashaben, everyone realized the value of being together; their love and respect for relationship grew stronger. At the time they were back together, they once again met Ashaben and thanked her for the timely guidance. Seven years of separation gifted them peaceful and harmonious life for many years.

Ashaben says that her mantra is simple… When grahas turn unfavorable and they are determined to separate a couple, the couple should embrace separation but avoid divorce!