Fruits of Astrology

Mr. Hitesh Kamat approached Ashaben when he failed in his 10th grade examination. He confessed that he was not keen on studying further and he requested Ashaben to recommend a suitable career. Ashaben studied his horoscope and confirmed that the vanilla education (degree in Commerce/ Science/ Arts) will not help Hitesh in the longer run. She noticed that his birth planets were favorable for opting for music as profession. She discussed this with Hitesh and learnt that he had never evaluated this option in the past; as a matter of fact he never though he had an inclination or the aptitude.

Further study by Ashaben revealed that non-vocal music, especially harmonium or keyboard will favor Hitesh. Hitesh’s faith in Ashaben impelled him to enroll for an advanced course in music. To his surprise, his music tutor acknowledged that he was a fast learner. Soon he realized that he had a natural sense of sur and sargam. By end of two years, Hitesh was prepared to take up music as his profession. He approached high income group families in the suburbs of Mumbai for music tuition. He was well received by his students; in a short span of time he earned good reputation and new business through referrals. Today, Hitesh runs a music academy and his average monthly income is Rs. 180,000/-.

On his success Hitesh commented “It is hard to consider music as serious profession for a primary bread earner. Had it not been Ashaben’s prediction and motivation, I would have been lost and directionless. I take this opportunity to thank her.”