Power of Auspicious Time

Ms. Sujata Rao decided to pursue her higher education in Engineering in the United States of America and hence appeared for her GRE and TOEFL examinations in 2005. When Sujata took the decision of appearing for these competitive exams she had very little time for preparation (when compared with other applicants competing for admission). She was determined to take admission in a tier I institute only. Her self assessment rated her above average; however she was not proficient enough to make it to an institute of her choice. She approached Ashaben with a query; she wanted to learn what would work in her best interest – take an attempt for admissions in Fall 2006 or wait for next intake.

Ashaben studied her horoscope in detail and learnt that Sujata had bright chances of travel abroad; based on this finding, she advised her to take the attempt. She further suggested auspicious dates for taking the GRE and TOEFL examinations. She assured that the recommended muhurat (date and time) was good for scoring flying colors. Sujata took Ashaben’s advice seriously and enrolled for the exams on the said date and time. A night prior to her GRE exam; nervous Sujata contacted Ashaben and said “Aunty, I appeared for 12 practice tests and the maximum I could score was 1100. I need a minimum of 1350 to make it to my dream University and these scores are so discouraging. My exam is scheduled for tomorrow and I have lost all confidence.”

Ashaben reassured her that all would go well as the planetary position at the time of her muhurat was very favorable for her. She asked Sujata to relax, do her best and leave the rest to HIM. As predicted by Ashaben; Sujata scored 1390 in her exams. On this success Sujata commented “I had heard that an auspicious start leads to a successful end; I have now experienced the same. Muhurat played an important role in me scoring well in my GRE exam. My belief in astrology and especially Ashaben’s prediction has grown several folds with this incidence in my life.”