Results of Good Vastu

In 2004, when he was in deep distress, Mr. Shekhar Kapoor approached Ashaben for help. His business was flourishing and sailing smooth  till 2001; suddenly he started facing litigation and and other government related inquiries. Mr. Kapoor confirmed that he had renovated his factory in 2002 and new factory was inaugurated in Feb 2003. He said that the factory was vastu compliant. Ashaben first studied his birth planets and later visited his factory for vastu inspection. She noticed that Mr. Kapoor had placed his water tank in one of the south-east corners; also his CFO’s cabin was in one of the south-east corners. Ashaben advised Mr. Kapoor to remove the water tank from the south-east corner and either place a generator or a boiler (i.e. any electric/ fire equipment or appliance) in the space.

“South-east corner is appropriate for accounting and finance professionals; however the water tank that was placed in a south east corner was creating trouble. The water tank was acting as a negative force, this resulted in errors in financial accounting. The finance department was unable to maintain accurate records and thus income tax, sales tax and other government problems hit the company”, says Ashaben.

Mr. Kapoor worked as per Ashaben’s recommendation and very soon he saw the change. His ongoing litigation problems are now under control and after vastu correction no new problem has surfaced. Ashaben not only set right his concern area but also helped in improving factory’s output and increasing bottom line saving with good vastu.