Rushabh Rashi – 2015 Prediction

The transiting Guru graha from third house to fourth house will gift you with something nice before leaving the Kark rashi and entering the Simha rashi. The probable gift may include – a shining fortune, success in your professional life, good luck in social life, financial status and government related favours. However your mind may be filled with several thoughts; you are advised to remain calm and not let the same affect your health adversely. To stay away from creating new opponents, you are advised to maintain discipline on language. In Aug, Shurka and Guru graha will turn astha and you may see a weakening fortune.


In the beginning of the year, Surya and Shani ghara are together; hence you will witness some instability on the health front. From Jan to up end-Apr, those with a tendency to easily gain weight are advised to keep a check on their diet. Acidity and gastric trouble are likely to bother you. In Mar, you may like to take care of you skin; minor ailments are likely. From Apr up to mid-Jun, fluctuation in blood pressure, viral infection and fever are likely. From Jul up to end-Aug, skin related ailments are likely. You are also advised to keep a check on your sugar level. In the later half of the year, you will see good health. No major accidents or operations are being foreseen.

Career, Wealth and Finance

Financially this is a good year for you; especially after Jul up to end of the year. Those in a partnership venture are advised to remain calm and compassionate to avoid major difference of opinion. This year, you are advised to stay away from speculative investments / activities. While purchasing gold you should be careful; it’s likely you’ll get deceived. In the second half of the year, you may inherit any movable and/ or immovable property; you are advised to accept graciously. In the beginning of the year, your subordinates may expect financial support. Your life partner will help you spend/ invest money in a prudent manner. Till the month of Apr, the period is suitable to purchase a new vehicle. From Mar up to end-Apr, you are advised to stay away from prepositions that promise gain in the shot-term; you may end up either making a loss or be forced to go long-term. If you are travelling, you may incur medical expenses. In these months, you may come across several opportunities to earn money and at the same time avenues to spend; net saving may be minimal. Those who wish to start a new venture, you may find this period suitable! From Apr up to end-May you may undertake renovation of an immovable property or beautify it; you are advised to avoid the month of Mar, in this period you are destined to overspend. In Jul, those who are looking for a job change may find a suitable opportunity. In the second half of the year you will travel far and wide on account of business.

Personal and Professional Relationship

Those who are single and looking may find a suitable partner. Those married may extend the family. Those in love may see a difficult phase as your beloved may expect financial favours. You may remain spiritually inclined in the first half of the year and you will receive blessings of your ancestors. You may see a decline in friends; your opponents will not be able to create hurdles in your life. Your family will extend support and yet not interfere in to your personal life. Your spouse will support you and your family. You may have to take extra care of your children as they may be going through difficult times. Your mother’s health may remain fine however she will not openly express her inner feelings and desires. Your father may not receive the support of family and he may experience a crunch in cash flow; however his health will remain fine. Your younger siblings may go through a difficult phase and this may reflect in their behaviour. Your older siblings may undergo a minor surgery; however their will power will remain strong.