Rushabh Rashi – February 2013

From Feb 01st to Jun 24th: You may like to invest or buy precious metals and stones or electronics or home décor.  This period is favorable for all that has been listed.

From Feb 02nd to Feb 14th: One of your friends may approach you for financial support.

From Feb 03rd to Feb 22nd: You will remain preoccupied with work. However you will ensure that you fulfill your personal duties and keep all your family members happy. You may not be able to socialize with friends and family the way you would have done otherwise.

From Feb 12th to Mar 14th: If you wish to purchase a vehicle this is a good period to do so. In the same period it is likely that your spouse (partner) and / or children will get affected due to a negative or evil element.

From Feb 21st to Mar 17th: You may like to live a laid back life; in this period your subordinates and / or employees will manage the show well. However, please be informed that this could affect your finances in a negative manner. You may not receive support of your family in this period.

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  1. Komal

    ohhhh yeah they do .they just put up a front and come off as unemotional and that they don’t care b/c they have soooo much pride but I know deep down idnise and behind closed doors, they do miss their ex boyfriends they just don’t wanna admitt it

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