Fear of unknown brings discomfort and insecurity. Planets in the galaxy help us read the future; forecast natural calamities; and human created adverse environment.

In the fast-paced, competitive and stressful life, man is constantly worried about unpredictable future. Vedic Astrology or Jyotish Shastra Shastra helps us harness opportunities; maximize gains and minimize losses. Moreover it prepares us to face adversities.

Over the years, I have witnessed my clients facing common problems as outlined below. Remedial solution can be recommended after studying an individual’s birth planets.

Should I pursue medicine or engineering? Which profession should I choose? Will I clear competitive exams? I am an average student; how do I compete with my peers? I have failed in 10th grade; can I consider offbeat career such as music, dance, sports etc. These are common queries most students and parents have. Astrology can help you make the right choice.
My business is status quo; what do I do to expand? I have made losses in the current year; will my business improve in days to come? I am a qualified and experienced doctor but due to competition my income has dropped; should I consider other options such as investment in equity etc.? My business was flourishing all these years but suddenly I am experiencing a setback; what is reason behind this and how do control the situation? Will a business in partnership be beneficial for me? I am in my early 40s and have lost my job; will I find a good job once again? I am not happy with my current salary; will I get a promotion or should I opt for a job change? Will my interpersonal relationship with my manager and colleagues improve? When will I find a job of my choice? These are common questions and there could be many more that bother the primary income generator in the family. Astrology can help you with solutions.
If I travel overseas will I be able to earn name, fame and fortune? Post retirement which avenues will help me earn name, fame, respect and wealth? Will I benefit from our ancestral wealth and property? I am a homemaker; is there any way I can earn money, create my identity and command respect in the society? I am a celebrity; what should I do to enhance my media image? These are common questions and there could be many more that bother ambitious individuals in all age group. Astrology can help you emerge as a leader.
I love someone; will I get married to him/her? Will my wavelength match with that of my life partner? There are tensions in my married life; will situations between me and my spouse improve? I am married for long but have no kids; doctors have failed can astrology help with prediction and solution? I have decided to divorce my spouse; have I taken the right decision? Are there chances of re-marriage post my divorce and will that work well for me? I have an extramarital affair; what should I do? These are common questions and there could be many more that bother a couple in a relationship. Astrology can help you streamline your relationship.
My property is under litigation, will I get favorable results and within what timeframe? I have received an enquiry from the taxation department, will this resolve smoothly? My innocent beloved has been accused by law; will he receive justice? My business and property is in dispute; should I seek support of court or settle the matter outside the court? These are common questions and there could be many more that bother a few of us. Astrology can help you with direction.
My beloved is seriously ill; how soon will he/ she recovery? My family has a strong history of diabetes; will this cause problem to me in the future? At the time of my birth an astrologer had cautioned me against accidents, can you please elaborate? Will I be able to purchase a home in my name ever? Will I be able to purchase a car in the near future? What should be the number and color of my new car? What name would be beneficial for my child? Which pet should I buy and what should I name it? These are common questions and there could be many more that bother us all. Astrology can help you with forecast and remedies.