Graha Shanti

The theory of efforts and destiny teaches us a golden lesson. Nothing is permanent and everything is temporary! According to vedic astrology, there are “doshas” and “yogas” in our horoscope. Doshas should be removed and more support should be extended to yogas. Various remedies such as performing pooja, wearing a gemstone and possession of a yantra can help. This is known as Graha Shanti!

Planets in the galaxy influence our lives. Planetary position on the date and time of our birth determines our fortune and misfortune. In every person’s horoscope, some grahas are placed at appropriate positions while some are misplaced. Appropriately placed grahas bless us with good times and misplaced grahas show us turbulent days. Many a times there is friction; one graha wants to offer us good results while the other does not… in this war, the fitter graha wins… But ultimately, we do suffer!

Every graha has more than one portfolio. Each graha is the lord of many aspects of life such as health, family, education and so on. Although the graha may be in a favorable position for one aspect, it is likely that it may be unfavorable for another! The graha may bless you with a few goodies but deprive you of a few! For example, rahu graha may indicate wealth in your life but at the same time indicate a possibility of litigation.

It is important to understand both, good effects and ill effects of our birth planets, and perform graha shanti pooja or other remedies. This can help in magnifying fortune and diminishing misfortune.

Another aspect that affects our lives is present planetary position. All astrology columns that provide general predictions for the day are based on present planetary position. When an astrologer combines the prediction of your birth chart with that of present planetary position, you can expect an accurate forecast.

Once you know what result each graha is willing to provide and what doshas exist in your chart, you can change its intensity from high-to-moderate-to-low by performing graha shanti pooja or remedy. Similarly, you can understand favorable aspects and yogas and change its intensity from low-to-moderate-to-high.