Match Making

Is the couple made for each-other? Match making provides an answer to this question.

For a harmonious, balanced and healthy relationship, it is highly recommended that the boy and the girl who are planning to get married avail match making service from an experienced astrologer. Match Making is much more than guna milan and mangal dosha.

Vedic astrology looks at individual grahas of the boy and the girl and later checks their combined effect on the couple. Match making is an extensive exercise; it can indicate several parameters such as love, harmony, peace, prosperity, progeny, health and more.

It is popularly believed that a match is suitable if the guna milan is 18 or above. It is also believed that the match is suitable if both, the boy and the girl, have mangal dosha. A few believe that once the boy and/ or the girl crosses the age of 27, mangal dosha does not affect the match. A few believe that a match is suitable if one has mangal dosha and other has shani dosha. Are you wondering what are myths and what are facts?

The answer is… it is very subjective! I have seen many unhappy couples despite the fact that their guna milan is much higher than 18 and neither has mangal dosha in their birth chart. I have seen couple who scored less than 18 guna and yet are very happy. Match making helps in understanding your individual graha – their negative and positive effect, and further understanding how your partner’s graha will change your life.

Several vedic astrologers strong believe that horoscopes matching is more basic than blood group matching. A medically mismatched couple risk their health & progeny, but an astrologically mismatched couple may put their health, wealth, happiness, success, peace of mind, future growth and prosperity at stake.