Muhurat Shastra

We all are aware that well begun is half done; but did you know that timely begun is all done?

All those who have experienced the power of Muhurat Shastra, will vouch for its effectiveness! Muhurat means that precise ‘moment’ or ‘time’ that is auspicious for commencement of an activity or occasion. Muhurat is calculated by considering several variables such as nature of activity, horoscope of people involved, current planetary position, lunar day and nakshatra of activity commencement.

Some instances where a good muhurat can provide favorable result are meetings and interviews. Many have experienced that a suitable muhurat helped in initiating a meaningful conversation and concluding the same with a well defined plan of action.

It is highly recommended that you consult a muhurat shastra specialist when you start a new job or business or education; a suitable muhurat will ensure that you achieve desired success and earn recognition, respect and perks.

Muhurat plays an important role at time of milestone events such as entring a new home, laying foundation of a new commercial property, purchasing a new vehicle and tying the knot. For those couple who are planning to extend family, muhurat shastra can suggest a favorable time for conceiving a healthy child.

Several patients and doctors have benefited by entering the operation theater and starting a complex surgery on a date and time that indicates success. Several lawyers have been registering their case on a recommended date and time for speedy and favorable resolution.

These are just few examples; muhurat shastra can help in many more aspects of our lives.