Vastu Shastra

A home is not just four walls; but a place filled with plethora of peace and happiness. Each one of us wants to experience this bliss!

Principles of Vastu Shastra outline 10 disha (directions) and 5 tattvas (elements). The 10 directions are north, south, east, west, north-east, north-west, south-east, south-west, top and bottom (from the center point). The 5 tatvas are space, earth, fire, water and air. A good balance of direction and tatvas provides peace, harmony and happiness; however if there is an unbalance one experiences misery and misfortune.

Vastu correction helps maintaining the right balance of each tatva in all directions. Further each of these directions has a planetary lord that controls the destiny of people staying or working in that place. Planetary lords have their own portfolio; hence it is important to place appropriate things at appropriate places.

To elaborate further, let me provide few examples – In a factory, if you place water in the corner that’s meant for fire then the furnace or boiler’s production looses efficiency and the output is reduced. At home, if water is placed in the corner of fire i.e. where cooking gas should be placed then it results in disputes and quarrels. Appropriate vastu brings loads of benefits especially when vastu is corrected after studying the owner’s birth chart.

A home that’s designed as per the laws of vastu shastra brings peace, harmony, wealth and good health to people residing in it. It helps every members cherish milestone and lifetime events like finding a suitable life partner, conceiving a child, completing desired education and making the right career choice.
An office that’s designed as per the laws of vastu shastra helps in business profitable and sustainable. It avoids problems like bankruptcy, litigation, losses due to natural calamities, theft and market fluctuations. Vastu also helps in increasing sales and acquisition of skillful employees.
A factory that’s designed as per the laws of vastu shastra helps in boosting efficiency and productivity. It helps the owner build cordial relationship with the union and staff. Correct placement of various items such as raw material, work in progress and finished goods provide faster orders processing and hassle free shipments.