Simha Rashi – 2015 Prediction

In the first half of the year, Guru graha will occupy the 12th house. Also, you are going through a phase of small panoti (two and half years of misfortune). You may turn spiritual. You are advised to remain positive and flexible; if you turn stubborn and pessimistic, you may lose respect in the society. Your mind will be filled with many thoughts and you are advised to remain calm. Overseas travel and investments in stock market may yield positive results.


No major operations are in store. A minor accident in the second half of the year is likely. Indigestion, constipation, gastric trouble and fatigue will bother you. From Jan up to mid-Feb, you may experience pain in legs (especially thighs and knees). In the month of Mar, you may experience fluctuating blood pressure; you are advised to remain alert as this minor problem could lead to a major heart related problem. In May up to mid-Jun, you are advised to lighten your workload; your fortune is not bright. Throat infection, excessive body heat, ailments related to lungs and heart are likely. In the second half of the year, your health will remain smooth. You are advised to adhere to a healthy and a timely diet.

Career, Wealth and Finance

Financially the year is stable. Inward flow of money on account of an incentive/ commission may increase. You are likely to gain by investing in the stock market. You may buy and/ or sell an immovable property; you are likely to earn money from property rentals. If you are a salaried professional, you may have to relocate. In Feb, your pending litigation (if any) will gain momentum and you’ll witness good progression in pending cases. You may come across a prudent business advisor. In Mar up to end-Apr, you may reconcile with your business partner; all misunderstandings that prevailed earlier will be resolved. You are advised to remain cordial and not use harsh words with anyone. In May up to end-Jun, if you get involved in any litigation, you will experience heaviness on heart. Pending litigations (if any) will gain momentum and you may find the same moving in your favour. In Jun up to end-Jul, you may take up a new job, accept a new assignment or start a new business venture; a few of you may recover balance receivable. In Jul up to end-Aug, if you are involved in to politics, you should remain careful. You are advised to focus on your work and not overload yourself with activities. In Aug up to end-Sep, your business will flourish and you may experience relief in terms of monetary disputes that prevailed in your family. You are advised to refrain from all incorrect activities. In Oct up to end of the year, you may receive agency commission. Success on account of growing business and balance recoverable is in store.

Personal and Professional Relationship

Your spouse will maintain a fragile health and remain preoccupied in his/ her life. Your children may turn more demanding and if single and eligible they may find a suitable life partner. Your mother’s health may turn fragile and her sentiments towards religion may go down south. Your father may experience overload at workplace but will get rewarded in social and professional life. Your younger siblings may not be able to make good decisions this year; your older siblings will socialize with you. You may decide to separate from you beloved as he / she may not meet your expectations.