Simha Rashi – February 2013

You may have to socialize a lot this month and you should make sure that you maintain your reputation intact. Social obligations and / or societal pressure of some sort may force you and your spouse (partner) to think on next steps. If you are calm and keep presence of mind, you will find your way forward; however if anxiety takes control, you will suffer from health problems that may include acidity and gastric trouble.

From Feb 02nd to Feb 09th: Your fortune will shine and your finances will improve further. You will use money to fulfill wishes of your spouse (partner). In the same period it is likely that you pick an argument with him/ her but you are advised to leave aside all reasons and keep moving in a harmonious manner.

From Feb 13th to Mar 03rd: Those who have an ongoing legal case against their business partner and or spouse will experience further aggravation and could lead to an explosive break-up. In the same period you are advised to make sure that your friends do not turn in to a foe.

From Feb 14th to Jun 23rd: Your progress may slow down a bit. All activities will move at snail pace; however they will keep moving. Auspicious activities may not happen in this period.

From Feb 21st to Mar 17th: You may either exchange or make a new purchase of vehicle and / or jewelry. This is a good period.

From Feb 26th to Mar 11th: You may experience a cash crunch as the inflow is low and you have to manage from what you have with you.