I consulted Ashaben for my lifetime reading and also 12 months forecast; both these were extremely accurate. It not only helped me identify critical areas in life but prepared me to face the challenges ahead of time. I am grateful to Ashaben for her advice.

Rekha Shah, Housewife

I am a physician and have been regularly consulting Ashaben for advice. After my M.B.B.S., I had to make a selection on the Specialization in Masters curriculum. I was keen on Gynecology as both my parents are Gynecologists. After studying my horoscope, Ashaben recommended that I either opt for Dermatology or Orthopedics. At that time she advised my twin brother to opt for Gynecology. Both of us are now doing extremely well in our profession. Many thanks to Ashaben.

Sachin Patkar, Dermatologist

I recently quit the H.O.D. position at NMIMS University and am pursuing research work. I made this audacious decision up on Ashaben’s recommendation. I have complete faith in her forecast as it has helped me several times in the past. I strongly recommend Ashaben for any astrology, vastu and mahurat consultation.

Dr. Geeta Kumta, Academics

I am very successful in influencing a large audience; many people look upon me as a successful leader. However I was not able to control my family members and my disrespect was increasing by each passing day. I approached Ashaben and she recommended me to change the vastu of my house. Now there is perfect harmony and we are a united family.

Atul Shah, Politician

My major business decisions are taken after consulting Ashaji. Her recommendations help me take measured risk. I completely owe the success in past few years to her.

Rajiv Mathur, Businessman