Tula Rashi – 2015 Predictions

Rahu graha is in your 12th house. This may bring unplanned expenses and hurdles in to your life. You are advised to recite the auspicious mantra, “Rum Rum”. You are going through saade-saati on Chandi paya (seven and half years of misfortune); offering prayer to Maha Laxmi Devi will prove beneficial. Shani Dev has occupied the Dhan house and you will receive financial favours from him. You may benefit from investments in stock market. Those who are single and looking will find a suitable life partner. You will remain spiritually inclined and develop interest in pseudoscience.


Your health may remain fragile however if you maintain strong will power and fighting spirit you will be able to emerge victorious. You are advised to maintain a calm and composed attitude and take life easy. In the month of Jan, you may experience leg pain. In Feb up to end-Mar, you may experience an easing health; any treatment that you are undergoing will bring positive results. In the month of Mar, a minor accident or ailment or viral infection is likely; you may have to visit your doctor this month. In the month of Apr you may experience stomach and skin related ailments. In May up to end-Jun, throat infection will bother you. In the month of Jun up to mid-Jul, you are likely to suffer due to a waterborne disease and high sugar. In Aug up to end-Sep, those who are suffering from fluctuation in blood pressure are advised to remain alert. From mid-Oct up to end-Dec, you may suffer due to indigestion and headache; your sensory organs may not function well; you are advised not to panic (rather you should take rest) if the situation arises.

Career, Wealth and Finance

You are destined to work hard this year. You are advised to overcome lethargy and refrain from indulging in to entertainment; else you will lose a good opportunity. It’s likely that you’ll recover any long pending balance receivable (especially if it is from outside the city or overseas). Pending litigation (if any) will assume fast track. Partnership business will flourish. Be careful if you are investing in to precious metal. You may buy a new property for business. You are likely to earn name, fame and reputation in the society. In Jan up to end-Feb, you are likely to invest – either in business or in a new franchise or in the stock market. You may not be able to invest in an immovable property. In Feb up to end-Mar, you may benefit from a partner and/ or a business associate. If your birth chart is favouring, you may purchase an immovable property in this period. In the month of Jul, you may receive a promotion or change a job or start a new venture; but at the same time you will incur expenses but receive support from the government. You are advised to remain alert if you are travelling. From Sep up to end-Nov, you should not neglect any Government enquiry. If you are dealing with any stranger you are advised to remain alert; you are advised to refrain from giving any loan/ advance/ credit to anyone. In Nov up to end-Dec, you are advised not to take high risks; it’s likely that outward flow on money will increase.

Personal and Professional Relationship

Your spouse’s fortune will shine; he/ she may sleep for long hours. Your children will do well in carer however they should focus on education. Your beloved will shower love and affection and spend lot of time with you. Your mother’s health will remain fine in the first half of the year; she’ll show love and affection. Your father may experience discomfort on account of his siblings. Your older siblings may not remain transparent. Your younger siblings may turn aggressive.