Tula Rashi – February 2013

This month will not be action packed; you are not likely to record huge gain and at the same time no big problems are in store. In case you have long pending balance receivable you may be able to recover them. A few of you may experience a friend turning to become a foe and hence you are advised to be careful.

From Feb 02nd to Feb 12th: You may see monetary gain either due to incentives or brokerage/ commission.  A few f you may earn from speculative businesses/ investments. However the magnitude of both these is not huge.

From Feb 02nd to Apr 09th: You may not be very fortunate in this period, however you are not unlucky either. If you make prudent decisions you will see small little favorable events unfolding all along.

From Feb 12th to Feb 21st: A few of you may experience your children turn active. Your family may not extend best support to you.  A few of you may experience a cash crunch however in this phase earning from secondary sources may continue if you are alert and prudent.

From Feb 21st to Mar 17th: You may spend money on your love ones and hence saving may not be significant. Your health will also remain fragile. You could experience a feeling of being unlucky; however it is likely that your spouse (partner) meets with a sudden stroke of good luck.