Tula Rashi – January 2013

This month will throw a lot of challenges and you may have to solve quite a few difficult puzzles at workplace and in your personal lives. A few of you who were suffering from throat infection in the recent past will now feel better.  In this month, a few of you may benefit due to overseas (or outside the city) tie-ups, business associates or deals; most of the work will happen using advanced communication devices like telephone and Internet.  Short and long distance travel is likely.

From Jan 04th to Jan 14th: You may experience minor health problems including headache, cough & cold and insomnia. A few of you may take up a new opportunity and work towards realizing a new goal. A few of you may earn from a secondary source which could be in form of incentives and / or brokerage and / or commission.

From Jan 14th to Feb 12th: You will earn well but your expenses may rise and hence the net savings could be negative for a few.

From Jan 15th to Jan 25th: You are advised not to invest in an immovable property in the name of your spouse; it’s likely that you will lose. You may have visiting guests in your home. In the same period you will receive good support of your spouse and you will remain focused on your work and earn from regular and secondary sources.

From Jan 25th to Mar 04th: You may like to invest in high-risk and high-gain businesses and / or activities. Your luck is favoring you; however you are advised to make prudent decisions.  Your children may request additional pocket money or a loan.

From Jan 28th to Jan 30th: You will experience love, peace and harmony at home and take good care of all family members.

From Jan 28th to May 04th: Individuals in Tula rashi are likely to turn jovial and get attracted to someone but this may not necessarily lead to any bond or relationship.