Vrushchik Rashi

This month is trying to push you in to troubled water; however you will remain courageous and accept all changes optimistically. You are advised not to place blind faith on friends but make prudent decisions yourself. This will help you execute all activities smoothly and achieve success. Your spouse (partner) will remain preoccupied with their work. It is likely that your older siblings will visit you often.

From Feb 02nd to Feb 13th: You may see monetary gain either due to incentives or brokerage/ commission.  A few of you may work from home and spend time in leisure and entertainment. Your friends will bond well with you.

From Feb 13th to Mar 04th: You are advised to remain cautious and watchful against dark and evil elements.

From Feb 21st to Feb 26th: Your spouse (partner) will make significant progress in their lives due to increase in self-confidence.

From Feb 22nd to Feb 28th: Inflow of money softens. Those in partnership business may have difference of opinion with partners.