Vrushchik Rashi – 2015 Predictions

You are going through saade-saati on Lokhand paya (seven and half years of misfortune); you will have to toil hard but it will provide favourable results. Your Rahu graha is in 11th house and in the line of sight of the Guru graha; you will be able to overcome cash crunch that you have been facing. From mid-April, the Mangal graha will turn asta, this will weaken your fortune. You are advised to keep faith in the Almighty, pray to Surya Dev and keep doing your karma. This year, you are advised to talk less and act more. You may inherit an ancestral property; you are advised to accept the same without prejudice to avoid regrets later.


No major accidents in store. A few of you may suffer due to a major heart related ailment. This year you need to focus on eye care. Upasana of Surya Dev will help you overcome the difficult times. Those who are suffering from fluctuating blood pressure are advised to remain alert. In the month of Jan, you may experience muscle pain and stomach and eye related ailments. In Mar up to end-May, you may experience fluctuation in blood pressure, headache and leg pain. Viral infection, fever and allergies may bother you. In Jun up to end-Jul, your blood pressure may fluctuate. Your eyes may call for special attention. In Sep up to end-Oct, you are advised not to burden yourself with multiple tasks; pressure on heart may increase and this could lead to hospitalization. In Nov up to end-Dec, a few of you may travel outside the city or overseas for a specialized health treatment.

Career, Wealth and Finance

Past few months have been harsh; your financial situation was highly challenging. You will now see a slow and steady improvement. In case you have any pending litigation, you may see it progress well during this year. Your social reputation will improve. In Jan up to end-Feb, you are advised not to sell any immovable property. In Feb up to end-Mar, you are likely to gain from high risk, high return investments. However, you are advised to take care while executing these transactions. Further, you are advised not to avail any loan to invest in to speculative activities. You are likely to earn from incentives/ commissions. If you wish to purchase a vehicle, you should not do so in these months. In Apr up to end-May you may be able to make politically correct decisions; you will be successful with Government dealings; your business meetings will prove beneficial. You may have a difference of opinion with your business partners and you will be able to save money in this period. From Jul up to end of the year, those who are salaried employees should be careful; a service termination is likely. You may travel far and wide for business. You may take important decisions related to business and / or career.

Personal and Professional Relationship

Your spouse may remain enthusiastic and indulge in to arguments with you. He / she may demand more money. Health of your children will remain fragile; this may reflect adversely in their behaviour. Their progress in career will bring you happiness. In the second half of the year, your relationship with your beloved may suddenly change. Your mother’s health will remain fine; she may turn silent; she may remain preoccupied with work. Your father may be going through tough times; a storm in his mind but he will not express to anyone. You may not be able to understand sentiments of older siblings. Your younger siblings will bond well with you.