Vrushchik Rashi – January 2013

This month a few of you may either liquidate an earlier investment or recover balance receivable. It is likely that you work out of home and making use of advanced communication devices (mobile/ internet) will benefit from overseas (or outside the city) trade/ transactions. You will benefit from friends but your children could be a reason of your concerns.

From Jan 01st to Jan 10th: You may have visiting guests. You will turn ambitious and wish to earn more wealth. A few of you may plan a short-distance travel along with friends.

From Jan 15th to Jan 25th: If you are in to a partnership business you may benefit due to your partner’s good fortune.  You are advised to be careful with friends; they could be a reason for converting your profits in to losses.

From Jan 25th to Jan 31st: Your spouse (partner) will extend best support on the professional front and at the same time bond well with you and ensure that you enjoy leisure and entertainment. Those individuals, whose work/ job are purely executed by making use of advanced communication devices (mobile/ internet) will benefit.

From Jan 28th to May 29th: This is a very suitable period for buying expensive items like consumer electronics, vehicle, precious stones & metals and fine jewelry.